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Letter to the Bishop

As part of the candidates' preparations for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, the bishop requests that each candidate submit a letter to him. This letter is meant to be more than just a statement from you asking for the Sacrament. Since the bishop cannot be a part of each and every formation program, the letter helps the bishop to see how you have been preparing for the celebration as well as for your life strengthened by the Holy Spirit after the celebration.

The letter should answer the following questions:

1.) What does Confirmation mean to me? Why am I choosing to be confirmed? 

2.) What saint's name did I choose and why?

3.) Whom did I choose for my sponsor and why? 

4.) What did I do for my service hours? What did I learn/gain from the experience?

5.) How does your service hours relate to being a missionary disciple?


All Letters should be sent to:


You should be able to use your school email account to send your letter. Otherwise you can also email me directly at   Like above Please put your Last Name in the subject line along with "Bishop Letter." 


You should email your letter by: April 11, 2022

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